YEE Turtle Filter Low Water Level for Turtle Tank, Bottom Suction 3in1 Circulation Pump With Trickle Filter Box Water_feature

?YEE Turtle Low Water Level Filter – Upgraded To Prevent Dry Burning

Strong bottom suction water

✔ Eliminate feces/impurities/residues

✔ Built-in 850L high-flow water pump to increase filtration efficiency by 30%

✔ The 400L flow rate commonly used in low water level filters. YEE first developed a ready-to-use 15W high-power 850L/H high-flow water pump, which enhances power and can quickly circulate turtle feces and dirty water in the water.

When 2cm ultra-low water level start, the water inlet is close to the bottom of the tank. While most of the similar products on the market are 3cm, the bottom of this model is as low as 2cm, and the absorption of the water is more thorough. Therefore, this product is suitable for shallow water tanks/turtle tanks.

?Large space, multiple filtrations, fast bacteria culture

✔ With a large space in the filter silo, multi-effect filter materials can be added to increase the proportion of beneficial bacteria, stabilize the water quality and balance the pH value, and reduce the frequency of water changes.

✔Primary filtration

Filter turtle poops, large particles of impurities

Purify the water quality layer

Further decompose toxic substances, remove yellow and green in the water, and restore the water quality

✔ Secondary filtration

Deep filtration of water quality, removal of fine impurities

Multi-effect culture, cultivate beneficial bacteria, quickly establish a nitrification system, and restore turtle ecology

✔ Third-stage filtration

Solves the water quality, make water clear and tasteless, no blackening, giving the turtle a natural ecology

?Shower water outlet – 360° rotatable

Compared with the waterfall type, the rain type is quieter, and the water quality is maintained better after the almost silent water flows through the layers of filter materials from 1 meter away, which reduces the frequency of maintenance.

Waves drive the water to circulate, leaving nowhere to hide the residue and all being sucked away.

360°rotating gear adjustment can realize wave making in multiple directions

?Make the filter material more stable

✔ The upgraded version adds shower partitions to solve the downward collapse of the filter material, and can stack hard filter materials and mini micro filter materials.

✔ Multi-layer detachable, large capacity, can be freely matched with various filter materials, to create your own exclusive filter equipment.

✔ Can be used with a variety of small filter materials

✔ Matching high-quality biochemical cotton, easy to clean and reuse