This is a very unique filter media produced with the combination of zeolite, ceramic and Maifan mineral balls. This product performs 3 in 1 action includes pollutant absorption, Bacteria Housing and Mineral supply. This is one of the rarest bio-filter media in the market.

A better way to keep your aquarium healthy!


Filter media in canister filter

Filter media in sump filter

Filter media in top filter

As special filter media in Arowana, Discus and Flowerhorn fish tank

Filter Media in marine aquariums

Rinse with clean water during first time use


  • Absorbs organic pollutants
  • Purify and keep aquarium crystal clear
  • Removes Ammonia, Nitrogen and Other toxic elements in the aquarium
  • Enhances beneficial bacterial growing environment by providing microscopic surface area, also supply vital elements for the bacteria.
  • Brand= Aquatic Remedies.